OnePlus trademarks 3 interesting names for its products

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OnePlus has trademarked 3 interesting names for its upcoming products. As per usual, this doesn’t mean OnePlus will necessarily use all of them, or any of them, but there’s a possibility for it.

OnePlus has secured 3 new and interesting names for its products

What are those names? Well, OnePlus trademarked the OnePlus Edge, OnePlus Wing, and OnePlus Prime names. These could be used for various different products, so your guess is as good as ours.

OnePlus three new names trademark

LG used the ‘Wing’ name for its odd, swiveling smartphone, for example. OnePlus’ device will likely be considerably different. We’re finally starting to see exciting smartphones again, as foldables are slowly, but surely raising in numbers, and rollables are right around the corner.


OnePlus is actually expected to announce its first foldable smartphone in Q3 this year. Basically everyone has been referring to it as either the OnePlus Fold or OnePlus V Fold (that’s another name OnePlus trademarked). But… who knows, OnePlus could use one of these three names instead.

OnePlus’ first foldable is coming in Q3 this year

The company is expected to announce a book-style foldable as its first foldable smartphone. It remains to be seen if a clamshell foldable is also coming. Not much is known about the device, but it could resemble the OPPO Find N3.

Several sources claimed that the design will be basically the same. The OPPO Find N and N2 were quite compact when folded, and then unfolded into a horizontal orientation on the main display. It is a unique approach, one that Google got inspired with for the Pixel Fold.

The Find N3 will, allegedly, be considerably larger, so it remains to be seen what’s coming. Chances are that OnePlus’ foldable will resemble the Find N3 quite a bit. The device is rumored to have an 8-inch display when unfolded, not a 7.1-inch one like the Find N and N2. So, that’s quite a difference.