Official Pixel Fold video presents the phone & its features

Google Pixel Fold dual screen image 1

Following its Google I/O 2023 announcement, the Pixel Fold went on pre-order. We’ve already published a ton of content on the site regarding the phone, including our hands-on coverage. In order to share more info on the device, Google shared its first official Pixel Fold video, in which it shows you the device and its features.

First official Pixel Fold video shows us the phone and its features

The video itself is embedded below the article, and it has a duration of around 2 minutes. Google really did manage to cram a lot of information in this video, actually.

The video kicks off by showing you the phone’s design from various angles. Following that, you get a closer look at the phone’s cameras, and some camera features that Google is offering. Google talks about Super Res Zoom, Astrophotography, and more.

You’ll get to check out the split-screen on the Pixel Fold here, along with a new bottom bar for multitasking. You can simply drag and drop files between windows, and more.


Google also shows off its live translate feature that takes full advantage of the two screens on this phone. You can type in your language on one screen, and have it projected in a different language on the second screen.

There’s more info packed in this video, so check it out to get a better understanding of what the Google Pixel Fold has to offer.

The phone comes with Google’s latest SoC, and supports wired & wireless charging

Now, the Pixel Fold is Google’s very first foldable smartphone. It is fueled by the Google Tensor G2 SoC, and packs in 12GB of RAM. You get 21W wired and 21W wireless charging here, along with a number of features exclusive to this foldable.

There are three cameras on the back, while both of the phone’s displays are 120Hz panels. If you’d like to take a closer look at the phone’s spec sheet, click here.