The Switch made a whopping $69 billion for Nintendo

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has made a whopping $69 billion in lifetime revenue for Nintendo. That’s quite a lot, even if it is over the entire 7-year period the Nintendo Switch has been available.

These figures come from TweakTown, which compiled data shared by Nintendo. Nintendo Switch lifetime sales aren’t the only interesting detail about the company’s revenue from the past 7 years. According to the data, Nintendo has sold about 1.036 billion games since the Switch launched back in 2016.

That’s alongside the 125.62 million console sales from the Switch family of hardware. Which includes the Switch, Switch Lite, and the Switch OLED. From that number, about 89.59 million are the standard Switch model. While 21.02 million are the Switch Lite and 15.02 million are the Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch Lifetime Revenue


Nintendo Switch lifetime revenue is the majority in total net sales

Over the past 7 years, Nintendo has made an estimated total net sales of around $74 billion. Which means the Nintendo Switch hardware makes up the majority of Nintendo’s revenue from that time.

According to TweakTown, beyond the $69 billion in Switch sales, Nintendo made around $5 billion from other platforms and segments. This includes software, and other Nintendo platforms like the 3DS. Nintendo’s best year for the Switch was in 2021 where it sold nearly 30 million units.

This was right in the middle of the pandemic where loads of people were working from home and many were under quarantine. Or spending much less time outside the home. So it’s easy to see how Nintendo ended up with a large spike in sales of the Switch handheld. 2021 was also when the Switch OLED launched. And it was almost right in the middle of Nintendo’s fiscal year for the time.

Nintendo likely saw an uptick in hardware sales from people who wanted to upgrade. Looking forward, Nintendo believes hardware sales for the Switch will slow down in its fiscal year 2024, which will end in March of next year. The company’s plan to is to reach 15 million units sold for the time period. Which it aims to do by trying to put multiple Switch consoles in every household.