New Google AI-powered search experience presents ads differently

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A different style of displaying ads is coming to your device with the Google AI-powered search experience. This new feature that Google has in store for users is known as Search Generative Experience (SGE) and it uses AI to function. Working like Bard, it lets users search for things on the internet as though they are chatting informally with a person.

This project will reenvision not only how users search for things on the internet, but also how they view ads. Currently, while searching Google, one doesn’t come into contact with ads until they get to open a website. Ads are a large part of Google’s business, so users of the internet should expect to see them from time to time.


So should users of Google search products expect fewer or more ads with the Search Generative Experience (SGE)? From the display of this coming feature in action, it doesn’t seem as though there’d be a reduction in the ads. But there will be a drastic change regarding how these ads pop up while users search the internet.

Refined ads experience with the Google AI-powered search experience

Google is working hard to take the ad industry to the next level across all its products. To aid this effort, AI has been on deck for years, it is in fact “foundational to Google Ads.” Now, a new generation of AI advancements is here to change how users interact with ads while browsing the internet.

Joining the force to boost ad experience this year is the Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature. This feature made the stage during the Google I/O event held a few weeks ago. It aims to make search smarter and simpler, taking users to the right sources where they can get answers to their searches.

Not just the right sources, but also the exact point where they can find these answers. But this also means that more ads relating to the users’ search will also pop up on the page. According to Google, the Search Generative Experience (SGE) creates “relevant, high-quality ads that are customized to every step of the search journey.”

Each ad displayed after a search will have a bearing on the search, possibly advertising goods or services. Google displays a video of how this feature will work when a user searches on the internet. From the video, it is clear that with each follow-up question, the user gets more and more ads on the subject they are searching for.

Sources assume that there were many ads in the video since it promotes Google ad products. In actual usage, there might be fewer ads on display as users scroll through the results of their search and follow-up questions. In the coming months, this Google AI-powered search experience will roll out for usage globally, bringing a new ads experience.