Microsoft system-preferred multifactor authentication aims to improve security

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In a bid to protect organizations and users from security threats, Microsoft is rolling out system-preferred multifactor authentication. This new system will pick the best authentication method for a user’s device. Some might kick against this method as it takes the freedom to pick any authentication away from the user.

Microsoft outlines the reasons why it is taking away this freedom from users. According to them, this action will not only protect individual users but also organizations from security threats. Currently, some users leave their devices and accounts vulnerable to attacks by choosing the wrong MFA system. This might be as a result of ignorance regarding the best MFA systems to use, or laziness to complete the procedures some systems require. Whatever the most common case may be, Microsoft is here to help you decide the best MFA system for yourself or your organization.

Get better security on your devices with the Microsoft system-preferred multifactor authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a very important aspect when it comes to protecting personal information. This system is designed to verify the user before granting access to specific data. There are various authentication methods available to users, with each offering a different level of security.

Some users make the mistake of selecting the wrong authentication method. This leaves their devices open to attacks from bad actors looking for the weakest link to break into confidential information. Without the right authentication method, a user, or a company, is open to malicious attacks that can breach the devices’ first layer of security.


Microsoft has identified this as a problem and is ready to proffer solutions to this issue. To solve this problem, users will now rely on the system-preferred multifactor authentication from Microsoft to pick the right method. This system will pick the best and most secure authentication method the user can sign in with.

For companies, the admin will be able to set up policies to guide the authentication method selection process. Integrating this service with a company’s workforce will require using the admin UX in the Azure Portal or via GraphAPI. With this, firms and their workers can rest easy knowing that they are making use of the most secure authentication method available on the system.

This feature is currently rolling out to users and companies as Microsoft managed (enabled). For now, admins can disable this feature whenever they want to, but all of that will change. After its rollout phase, users or tenants will no longer be able to disable this feature, as only the admin will have sole control of this feature.