Microsoft Bing Chat is more accessible on mobile via a new widget

Microsoft Edge Bing AI Chat

If you use Microsoft Bing Chat on your mobile device, then you’re in line to get some more accessibility features. Microsoft is now rolling out more accessibility features for Bing Chat on mobile devices. These features are available with the most recent update pushed out to the app.

Over the past weeks, Microsoft has been adding new functional features to Bing Chat for users to benefit from. But now, Microsoft seems to be focusing its attention on how users can access this AI chatbot feature quickly with their mobile devices. To help improve accessibility, this feature is now getting widgets on mobile devices.

These widgets will help users ask the Bing AI chatbot questions without opening the mobile app. This will work like every other widget and be placed on the home screen of the device. Users can then search for stuff directly without having to search for the Bing app on their smartphones.

Interact with Microsoft Bing Chat via widgets on your smartphone

This coming widget feature will roll out to Android and iOS devices later this week. Microsoft has already teased this feature alongside other entries to look out for with the coming update. Users will be able to activate a Microsoft Bing Chat widget on their device with the app’s coming update.


The new Bing widget will feature four elements with which users can access the AI feature. At the top of the 4×2 widget is the search bar, and under this will be three buttons. These buttons include the chat button, voice search button, and a third button that might pull up the user profile.

So, regardless of what a user wants to do, they can quickly pull up the Bing chatbot by using any button on the widget. With the search button, users can ask the Bing chatbot any question they wish to and get a response. The chat button will come in handy when a user wishes to pull up their previous chat with the Bing chatbot.

Microsoft is also working on syncing user chats with the Bing chatbot across their various devices. Users will be able to pick up chats from where they left off on any device. So if you use the Bing chatbot on your laptop, you can carry on from where you left off on your smartphone or tablet.

The voice search button will help users interact with the Microsoft Bing Chat feature without typing. Asides from this feature, other entries will also be available with the coming Bing app update. This update might roll out for the Bing app on Android and iOS later this week.