Lifesum and OURA team up to make use of Android's Health Connect

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The Lifesum and OURA partnership was one of the takeaways from the Google I/O event this week. This partnership aims to help users of products from both companies to lead a more healthy life. So why exactly was it a takeaway from the Google I/O event?

Well, both parties in this partnership will make use of a feature that is available to Android users around the world. This feature is known as Health Connect and it is available on Android devices. Sometime last year, this feature launched in beta testing, but it is now present on most Android devices, especially Google Pixel devices.

Accessing this feature is very simple as it only requires a user to pull down the control center. It is among the quick controls users find in this part of their smartphone, another way to access this feature is via the settings page. But how does this system app play a role in the Lifesum and OURA partnership? Getting to know more about the parties in this partnership and the Health Connect feature will shed more light on their roles.

A smarter way to stay healthy with the Health Connect on Android and the Lifesum and OURA partnership

To start, Lifesum is one of the leading healthy eating platforms around the globe. Their app which is available on the Google Play Store has been a saving grace for those looking to stay fit or break some bad eating habits. But now, they are coming through with a new sleep-tracking feature that shows how your diet and sleep patterns affect each other.


To better track your sleep, Lifesum will rely on OURA’s technology. Maybe you can remember that company that went viral some years back after launching a bulky smart ring. Yeah, that’s OURA, and ever since their first launch they have continued innovating and have come up with their second and third-generation smart rings.

Through the course of three smart rings, OURA’s technology has got better and now packs more health features. This Lifesum and OURA partnership will use smart rings to help users keep track of their diet and sleep patterns. But where does the Health Connect feature on Android come into the scene of this partnership?

Health Connect on Android helps users to sync data gathered by various fitness and wellbeing apps across their devices. This makes it easy for Android users to stay up to date regarding their fitness on any Android device they pick up. Lifesum was an early adopter of this feature on their platform once its beta release came sometime last year.

An Android senior representative noted that “Sleep data is a core pillar of users’ overall health” and this partnership will give users insight into their health. This feature will become available to Android users that opt into the open beta via the Lifesum app. These users will then be able to enjoy the benefits of this partnership via their OURA ring and Android devices.