Instagram finally enables you to leave GIF comments

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Commenting on a post via GIFs is a new way to engage and interact with the posts on the Meta-owned platform. Previously, users could only type out comments on Instagram or throw in an emoji or a photo. But now users will be able to spice things up in the comment section with GIFs to make things a bit more lively.

This new feature was announced by Adam Mosseri as the feature hits the public. Instagram’s users will find it interesting that this release isn’t for beta testing, but is a stable release. The team behind this feature worked hard to get it ready for global rollout.

With this feature, users will be able to light up the comment section under posts and stories. For years now, other social media platforms like Twitter have made it possible for users to share GIF comments. It is now time for Instagram to adapt to this way users interact with one another while scrolling through various apps.

Lighting up the comment section with the Instagram GIF comments feature

With the new Instagram GIF comments feature, users will be able to use GIFs in the comment section. Lots of users will find this feature impressive, as GIFs are a common part of chats between friends. Some might also argue that it is easier to react to a post with a GIF than it is when typing.


Giphy will provide the GIFs to be available on Instagram thanks to this new feature. This is the same platform that provides GIFs on other social media platforms like Twitter. Other tech firms like Google and Microsoft also rely on Giphy for providing users with GIFs.

Meta owns both Instagram and Giphy, so it is only right for both firms to work together on this coming feature. With Instagram providing the platform for sharing posts and Giphy providing GIFs, users will better enjoy the social media platform. These GIFs will be easily accessible via the comment icon just below each Instagram post.

If you are confused as to what a GIF is, this is simply a lossless format image file. The acronym GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and it is simply those motion pictures your friends send to you while chatting. If you are a big fan of using GIFs, then Instagram is inviting you to have some fun in the comment section of your friend’s posts.

The Instagram GIF comment feature is just one of the many improvements to the platform. It aims to improve how users interact with one another while commenting on various Instagram posts. Users will get this feature via an app update that is gradually rolling out to users globally.