Huawei, ZTE, and BOE are developing a flexible under-display camera OLED display

Huawei ZTE and BOE under display camera screen

The foldable industry is booming with some new screen technology coming from Huawei, ZTE, and BOE. These tech giants are pulling their resources and know-how together to hit the foldable market with something new. Already Huawei is prepping to announce their new foldable device to the world and it comes with some jaw-dropping technology.

But this article will focus on what is coming from the collaboration between these Chinese tech firms. Information on this issue was made public by popular tipster, Digital Chat Station, via his Weibo page. He also gave some details on the screen in work and the brands that might feature the folding screen technology.

All three companies in this collaboration are top of their games in their various industries. So it will be lovely to see a foldable device that encompasses all three companies’ designs. Without any delay, here is what you need to know about the flexible under-display camera OLED display this collaboration will bring to the limelight.

Details on the coming flexible under-display camera OLED screen from Huawei, ZTE, and BOE

Over the past few years, Huawei has been a reputable force in the foldable industry. Bringing impressive foldable devices with inward and outward folding hinges. They are also great at making their foldable devices quite sleek, hence outwitting the competition from the like of Samsung and other recent entries.


ZTE on its part has come through with the most impressive under-display camera technology. This has made their flagship-level devices like the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra stand out from the crowd. Samsung has even tried to make use of a similar technology but didn’t hit the nail on the head as well as ZTE has done.

BOE is one of the top display manufacturing companies available today. Their business brings products that are put to use in the development of a ton of flagship devices available today. Apple is one of the big names that source screens from BOE, this is so because of the quality it offers.

Considering the achievements of these three firms in their various lines, one can expect much from their collaboration. This will produce a foldable device that will stand out from the crowd in many ways. According to Digital Chat Station, this screen will be used on a coming ZTE foldable device, that will be the first from the brand.

Huawei will also implement this technology in its coming foldable devices. Pairing this flexible screen with Huawei’s impressive hinge technology will be game-changing. The coming months will bring more details on the 1,440Hz PWM dimming screen this collaboration will produce.