HTC releases a teaser for its latest smartphone

HTC phone teaser

HTC is down but it is not out, as the company’s gearing up to launch a new phone to the market. We’ve been following rumors about a new phone from the Taiwanese company for a bit, and it looks like it’s no longer rumor. HTC just released a teaser for this new phone, and it hints at some powerful mixed reality prowess.

HTC was a beast in the early 2010s popularizing the metal unibody build in phones. However, the winds shifted against HTC as the company’s market share slipped to the competition.

Now, the smartphone landscape is very different from when HTC was at its peak. More than two-thirds of the market belongs to Samsung and Apple, and Google’s Pixel phones are becoming competition. This leaves companies like Motorola to pick up the slack in the budget smartphone market. Also, not many people are exactly clamoring for the next HTC device nowadays. But, that doesn’t mean that the company is giving up.

HTC releases a teaser for its upcoming smartphone

We’ve been following rumors and leaks about this phone for a bit, and it’s shaping up to be an exciting device. We’ve been waiting for HTC to give us its take on a modern 2023 flagship phone. The average smartphone design was very different back when HTC was at its prime.


At this point, we don’t know too much about this phone or what it will offer. What we do know is that HTC is going to differentiate this phone from the rest of the market by having it focus on mixed reality.

In a teaser posted to Twitter, we see the ghostly silhouette of a phone viewed from an extreme top-down angle with the top bezel facing the audience. The only design feature that we can make out in the teaser is the chamfered edge surrounding the phone. Everything else is shrouded in mystery.

Under the phone, we see the text “SEE U SOON”. This confirms that this phone will be under the HTC “U” series of phones, and it hopefully puts it in the flagship tier. And, this also points to this mystery phone getting an unveiling soon.

Under that, we see the HTC logo next to the VIVERSE logo. This points to the phone being heavily focused on mixed reality. That could be the gimmick to differentiate it from the rest of the market. It may be similar to how Sony’s Xperia phones sit apart from the rest of the market by being so heavily focused on the camera technology.

If that’s the case, then this new HTC phone may not be the phone for the average user. We will have to wait and see what HTC has to offer.