Pixel Fold can fold completely flat, but… there's a catch

Pixel Fold not fold flat Michael Fisher image

The Pixel Fold is capable of folding completely flat, but you’ll need to put some effort to get it there. Just to be clear, this is not the case just with this phone, other foldables have the same “issue”, if we can call it that.

The Pixel Fold can fold completely flat, but you’ll really have to push it to get there

Take the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for example, something similar happens. We’ve noticed that with both of those devices, and it seems like we’re not alone. Michael Fisher aka Mr. Mobile spotted it, as did folks over at 9to5Google.

On Twitter, he said that the Pixel Fold can reach a 180-degree fold (aka get fully unfolded), but “you need to really bend it to get it there – too much for comfort”.

Mr. Fisher was given an explanation for that, from a Google engineer. He said that Google is using a high-friction hinge for rigid positioning, and that this was the tradeoff, basically.


So, in order for the hinge to say in a specific half-folded position properly, and with ease, you have to put up with the phone not folding easily to 180 degrees, but a bit less than that.

Most of you probably won’t care

Granted, some people may not even care. In fact, most probably won’t. On top of that, the Pixel Fold cannot really sit flat on a desk when unfolded, as it has that camera bump on the back, as do other foldables.

Also, the Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 4 are not the only ones having this “problem”, a number of other foldables do. Different hinges have different limitations/tradeoffs.

As a reminder, the Pixel Fold is actually brand new. Google announced it during Google I/O 2023, a couple of days ago. The phone is already available to pre-order in case you’re interested. Google is even offering some compelling trade-ins, as the device itself costs $1,799.