Google is rumored to be launching two smartwatches this year

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A recent report claims that Google is looking to launch the Pixel Watch 2 this Fall, but a different rumor suggests that Google is actually planning the launch of a second smartwatch this year, specifically one that’s aimed at kids.

Not a Pixel Watch for kids mind you, but rather, one that will supposedly carry the Fitbit branding. Now Fitbit doesn’t currently make any smartwatches for kids. But it does make a kids fitness tracker. And has made a few of them over the years. So it makes sense for the company to expand under the Google umbrella and build its next kids device as a smartwatch.

The rumor, which comes from John Prosser on Twitter, doesn’t explicitly state that the kids watch will come from Fitbit. But he does mention that it will “more than likely” be branded as Fitbit. And that makes a little more sense than a Google-branded kids device. At least for now. After all Fitbit is already well-versed in creating kids wearables. If this is true, then this could be the kids watch from Fitbit that was leaked last month.

A kids smartwatch from Google could have great partner features for parents

Whether it’s branded as Fitbit or Google or Pixel, a new kids-focused smartwatch could have some great partner features for parents who own the Pixel Watch 2.


Perhaps the two devices could link together. Giving parents a native way to check on their kids location at any time from their wrist. Of course this is just one nifty example. And there may already be ways to do this through third-party apps. Though that’s assuming that any kids wearables would support such a feature on their end.

In addition to the kids watch, Prosser also states that a Pixel Watch 2 is coming in the Fall. So with two different sources claiming the same thing, it definitely seems to be more likely.  Prosser does not mention however if the kids watch will launch at the same time. Just that it’s supposed to launch this year.