Galaxy S24 Ultra may not bring a new 200MP primary camera

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Samsung may not upgrade the main camera of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Rumors are that the 2024 model will feature the same 200MP primary sensor on the back as the current Ultra. We have heard this before, and tipster @Tech_Reve recently backed it on Twitter.

According to early rumors, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will use Samsung’s ISOCELL HP2 image sensor as its primary camera. It’s the 200MP unit that the Korean firm debuted earlier this year with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The company may improve the image quality with some optimizations, but it won’t develop a new sensor for its 2024 flagship.


Samsung won’t keep the ISOCELL HP2 beyond 2024, though. The Galaxy S25 Ultra will reportedly bring a new sensor, likely with a 200MP resolution. It will be an improved solution with “significant light receiver upgrades”. There are rumors that it will pack advanced imaging technologies such as nanophotonics. It will also be the world’s first image sensor built on a 17nm process node.

The Galaxy S26 Ultra is expected to feature this sensor too. That isn’t surprising since the Korean behemoth usually doesn’t upgrade cameras on its flagships every year. Samsung’s next big camera upgrade will come in 2027. The Galaxy S27 Ultra will reportedly feature a slightly larger 1/1.12-inch sensor. This year’s ISOCELL HP2 has a diagonal footprint of 1/1.3 inches.

Samsung already has a 1/1.12-inch image sensor. That’s the ISOCELL GN2 launched back in February 2021. The 50MP camera was used by the Xiaomi 11 Ultra. The Galaxy S27 Ultra may get an improved version of this sensor. Many smartphone companies have already moved to one-inch cameras for their flagship offerings. But the Korean behemoth doesn’t seem to be following the trend.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra may get an improved zoom camera

Samsung may keep the primary camera unchanged on the Galaxy S24 Ultra next year, but the new phone may get a zoom camera overhaul. Rumors are that the 2024 model will replace the 3X and 10X zoom cameras with a single sensor. It’s a variable zoom camera that offers optical zoom at all magnification levels between 3X and 10X. The Korean firm may also bring back variable aperture next year.

With fewer cameras on the back, the Galaxy S24 Ultra may look a little different from the current model. However, don’t expect a massive shift in design. Samsung reportedly plans to stick with the current design philosophy next year. It may pack more power inside, though. The phone is rumored to come with 16GB of RAM as standard. The base Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ may also get a RAM boost to 12GB.