Galaxy S24 may ship with Exynos 2400 in these regions

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Samsung may ship the Galaxy S24 series with the Exynos 2400 processor in more markets than initially expected. A fresh rumor passed along on Twitter says the company is planning to sell the Exynos variants of its 2024 flagships in Europe and Southeast Asia, at least. The source also dismissed an earlier rumor that only the base model will get the Korean firm’s in-house chipset.

For years, Samsung used two different chips in its flagship smartphones. Buyers in the US and China usually got Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor while the rest of the world got Exynos. This continued until 2022 despite widely documented power and performance issues with the company’s in-house chipsets. Following years of backlash and criticism, Samsung finally ditched Exynos and went all-in with Snapdragon for the Galaxy S23 series this year.


However, rumors are that Exynos will return next year. A Samsung executive confirmed last month that the company is planning to ship its next-gen flagships with in-house processors. As it did in 2022, it was expected to release the Exynos 2400-powered Galaxy S24 in Europe, while offering an overclocked version of Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 8 gen 3 in the rest of the world. But it appears Samsung is looking to expand Exynos’ share by bringing Southeast Asia into the fold. Markets like Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines could get Exynos too.

The entire Galaxy S24 lineup could get the Exynos 2400

The rumor mill recently suggested that Samsung could only equip the base Galaxy S24 model with the Exynos 2400 SoC in select markets. The idea was to show the world that it has fixed all the issues with its Exynos processors and win back the trust of consumers. However, tipster @Tech_Reve has rejected this claim. They have suggested that the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra colu also ship with the new Samsung chip in the aforementioned regions.

If these rumors are accurate, Samsung could be taking a big risk here. As said earlier, Exynos chips have always underperformed competing Snapdragon solutions. Users who historically got the Exynos variants of the latest Galaxy flagships could immediately notice the difference in power efficiency and performance on the Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S23 this year. They may not want to go back to Exynos next year, thus affecting the sales of the Galaxy S24 series.

On Samsung’s part, the company is seemingly confident that it has left behind Exynos’ woes. Several reports have suggested that the company has substantially improved its 4nm and 5nm process nodes as well as yield rates. Early rumors about the Exynos 2400 have also been promising. But only time will tell whether Samsung’s decision to go back to Exynos after just one year of Snapdragon exclusivity is a wise one. We will keep you posted.