Apple's M3 Pro-powered MacBook Pro to have improved performance

macbook pro m2

Apple is already testing its M3 Pro-powered MacBook Pro, and it features some improvements. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Cupertino-based tech company is preparing to shock the tech community. One can also say that they are preparing to live up to the standard they have set for the performance of their MacBook Pro devices.

This is the case because ever since Apple ditched Intel processors, it’s been one performance improvement to the other. The launch of the M-series processor line has been a breakthrough for Apple fans and creatives. MacBooks powered with this processor series perform outstandingly well, and they keep getting better with every new generation.

Now, it is time for netizens to welcome a new entry into the Apple M-series processor line-up. Under consideration in this article will be the Pro entry in the coming processor series. What should Apple users expect from this processor and what device will it power?

Better performance comes with the M3 Pro-powered MacBook Pro

In a recent Power On newsletter from Mark Gurman the tipster pointed out the presence of an M3 Pro processor. This chip will succeed the current M2 Pro that is in use on the current 14-inch MacBook Pro. Certainly, netizens and Apple fans alike can expect some upgrades with this processor.


Details regarding this new processor are still a bit sparse, as it might not launch anytime soon. However, Mark Gurman confirmed from his sources that this processor is already in its testing phase. It’ll pack some upgrades in terms of performance and efficiency in comparison with the M2 Pro chip that is currently available.

The coming M3 Pro chip is to pack a higher memory limit that might take it to 36GB for power users. Currently, users can only get the M2-powered MacBook Pro with 16GB worth of memory capacity. But with the launch of the M3 Pro-powered MacBook Pro, Apple fans might be able to get it with more unified memory.

Coming over to its CPU and GPU cores, the M3 Pro-powered MacBook Pro will get some improvements. Currently, the available testing chips run on 12 CPU and 18 GPU cores, which is an improvement from the M2 Pro chip. Other M3 Pro chips might kick up the CPU and GPU cores, but the chip is made up of six high-performance cores.

These cores will take care of the intensive tasks that a user will run on the system. It also features six efficiency cores for tasks that do not require much power. These details prove that Apple is improving the performance of their MacBook Pro device. This device will likely launch by the end of this year or at the start of next year.