Android 14 will bring some neat lock screen customizations

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Google I/O just happened, and the company unveiled a lot of great stuff surrounding Android. One of its announcements is a breath of fresh air, as it addresses one of the least fun features of the stock Android experience. Google is going to bring some neat and useful lock screen customizations in Android 14.

Along with this news, Google announced some exciting hardware at the event. We got a look at the Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold. We have a lot of coverage on these devices, so be sure to check out Android Headlines for more information on them.


Android 14 is bringing lock screen customizations

The lock screen on stock Android 13 is rather boring. There’s not much that you can do to customize it. When it comes to shortcuts, you only have the option to quickly access your Google Wallet or your Google Home interface from the lock screen. However, shortcuts and other customizations have been available on different Android skins for years.

Well, it looks like Google wants to change that. During the event, the company unveiled some neat additions that will let you personalize your lock screen. For starters, Google will finally let you add different shortcuts to your home screen to access apps quicker.

We’ve been following rumors that Google was planning on letting you add more shortcuts to your lock screen. If the rumors are true, then you will still lack the customizability of other Android skins, as you will have a limited selection of apps that you can add. However, it’s a step in the right direction.

Next, Google will address the other issue with the lock screens on Stock Android 13: the clock. The clock that you get is only in one font. It looks nice especially when expanded over the middle of the screen. However, Google is adding several new clocks to the interface. These different clocks will be in different fonts and Styles.

Not only will the clock be affected, but so will the date and weather. This would be a great change of pace for people who want to add even more customizations to their phones. You should expect to see this in a later version of Android 14.