Android 14 expected to improve split-screen mode functionality

Android 14 save split screen app pairs

Android 14 could boost split-screen functionality by adding the ability to save app pairs. This feature has appeared in Android 14 Beta 2, and if Google doesn’t decide to scrap it, it will pop up in the final build of the OS.

During Google I/O, Google announced its first foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold. During the show, the company showed off parts of its software, and demonstrated app pairs for multitasking windows.

Android 14 could significantly boost split-screen mode functionality

Well, the split-screen mode functions in a similar way, but on a smaller canvas, though it doesn’t offer the ability to save app pairs, at least not on stock Android. Some of you may say that you already have that functionality on your smartphone. You wouldn’t be wrong, let me explain.

At the moment, you can launch two apps side-by-side in a split-screen mode, and the OS will create an app pair from those apps. It will also keep that app pair in the multitasking menu in case you leave that screen, so that you can quickly get back to it.


Well, with Android 14, and this new feature, Google may actually allow you to add a shortcut to the app set on the home screen. Needless to say, this would be immensely useful for those of us who use the split-screen mode on a regular basis. It would make launching apps side-by-side so much easier.

‘Save app pair’ option appeared

This change was spotted by Mishaal Rahman, who spotted a new launcher flag in Android 14 Beta 2. When this gets enabled, you get the ‘save app pair’ menu item in the context menu of split-screened apps. You can find that in the recents overview, of course.

This feature would be a new addition to a lot of users, even though both Samsung and Microsoft already offer it. If you use stock Android, however, this will definitely be new for you.