Grab a beer with the power of Amazon One palm payments

Amazon One

Amazon has just announced that soon, you’ll be able to use its Amazon One palm-reading technology to purchase a beer. Or really any alcohol.

The company says Amazon One is being introduced at the Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. Which means stadium-goers will be able to more easily purchase their favorite boozy drinks. The time-saving purchase method should alleviate the need to whip out your wallet and pay for drinks through traditional means. For you that might mean paying with cash. Or it might mean a swipe of the old credit or debit card.

But no longer. At least, if you feel like using this technology. If everything goes smoothly, it might help attendees breeze more quickly through lines. And that could result in people getting back to their seats faster. No more worries about missing any important moments because you had to spend too much time in line. At least that seems to be the idea. Whether or not it works out that way in practice remains to be seen. But in theory the payment method should be faster and less of a hassle.

Amazon One also lets you verify you’re old enough to drink that beer

The new technology is useful for more than just payments. It can also let you verify with the bartender that you’re legally old enough to sip on beer and spirits. Thus cutting another part of the entire process of buying alcohol – showing your ID. Here’s how it works. You ask the bartender for a beer, you wave your hand to verify your age, then you wave again to pay. Simple. Quick. Painless.


The whole thing streamlines what can easily take an extra couple of minutes to finish the transaction. Of course worth noting is that the tech appears to be showing up in just two places within the stadium. This includes the SandLot Brewery, and the Silver Bullet Bar.

Amazon One is already available to use at Coors Field. The company says it will also be rolling the technology out to more places in the coming months.