Xiaomi Band 8 will launch alongside Xiaomi 13 Ultra, design confirmed

Xiaomi Band 8 official image 1

The Xiaomi Band 8 will launch alongside the Xiaomi 13 Ultra on April 18. The company has also confirmed the design of its upcoming foldable. Xiaomi shared an image of the device on its official website in China.

The Xiaomi Band 8 will launch alongside the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, on April 18

If you take a look at the image provided above, you’ll see what we’re talking about. Xiaomi actually shares plenty of info here, as it shows us various different iterations of the Band 8.

Some of these models have straps made out of metal, others feature leather ones, and so on. It seems like the device will also launch in two completely different iterations. One will have your regular smartwatch lugs, while the other will feature a U-shaped attachment, to which you can attach specific types of straps, or even a carabiner, if you want.

We’re presuming that the ones with a U-shaped attachment will be aimed at women, simply based on the type of watch band that Xiaomi is presenting here. It also seems like the frame of the Band 8 is made out of metal, based on this image, but we’ll have to wait and see.


This image also confirms that a color display will be used here, as expected. It will also be a touch panel, and of the OLED variety. We can’t really see a physical button in this image, but it could be located on the right-hand side, and angled downwards, thus hiding from sight.

It’s expected to be quite affordable, and we may even get a ‘Pro’ version

The Xiaomi Band 8 is expected to be quite affordable, just like its predecessors. We may also see both regular and ‘Pro’ models of the device, as was the case last year. The difference between them may be the built-in GPS functionality, and possibly even design, as was the case last year.

We are expecting blood oxygen monitoring to be included, and the same goes for all-day heart rate tracking. Sleep tracking will also be included, and so will sleep monitoring. You’ll also be able to receive notifications through the device, and control your phone’s music player.

We’ll get far more info on April 18, so stay tuned for that. This fitness band will likely launch in China first, and arrive to global markets later on.