Xiaomi 13 Ultra will launch on April 18, retailer claims

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Xiaomi has confirmed that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is coming this month, and a retailer possibly revealed its launch date. A Chinese retailer is listing April 18 as the launch date for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. The event is tipped to start at 7 PM China time / 1 PM CET / noon BST / 7 AM EST / 4 AM PST.

A well-known Chinese retailer claims the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will launch on April 18

This information comes from JD Store or JingDong Store. It’s still not official info, but that’s an extremely popular retailer in China, so they probably have some info on the matter. That listing was obviously not supposed to be official just yet, though.

A recent rumor suggested that the phone will launch on April 17, not April 18. So, it remains to be seen what source was accurate, if either. Xiaomi is expected to officially confirm the Xiaomi 13 Ultra launch date in the coming days, actually.

The alleged Xiaomi 13 Ultra already surfaced at the end of last month. We cannot confirm whether that real-life image was accurate or not, but it did surface. That’s the only image of the phone that appeared thus far.


Its specs will be very similar to the Xiaomi 13 Pro

The device is expected to share a lot of its specs with the Xiaomi 13 Pro. Still, a couple of improvements are expected, at least based on a recently-leaked spec sheet.

As expected, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will add a fourth camera on the back. It will include a periscope telephoto camera which the ‘Pro’ model is lacking. It will also have a slightly larger battery than the Xiaomi 13 Pro, but also slightly slower wired charging (120W vs 90W).

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will fuel the phone, while 50W wireless charging will be included. The device is expected to offer both LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0 flash storage, and support reverse wireless charging too.

It will have the same display as the ‘Pro’ model. A 6.73-inch QHD+ AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate is expected. This panel will be curved, and it will have all the bells and whistles you may expect.


It will get one or two major camera upgrades

That periscope camera on the back will be one major upgrade over the ‘Pro’ model. It would also be nice to see a variable aperture on the main camera, but that may be an unrealistic expectation.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra launch date possibly revealed