The Netflix ad-supported plan now offers high-quality streaming

Netflix image

The Netflix ad-supported plan became available to the public sometime last year, and it is now getting better. This subscription tier makes the streaming platform more affordable for users around the world. So, instead of asking friends for their password to stream a movie everyone can own an active Netflix account.

Previously, this plan only offered users the opportunity to stream movies in 720p resolution. If you stream a lot of movies and shows, you will agree that this is a poor resolution for user experience. Since Netflix offers up to 4K Ultra-HD video streaming for its users, those on the ad-supported plan are at the bottom of the ‘streaming chain.’

But all of that is coming to an end as Netflix is currently stepping up the experience for users on the ad-supported plan. This is coming in light of the performance of this subscription tier that became available in 2022. Users can now stream with higher resolutions other than 720p which was the only available option.

Those subscribed to the Netflix ad-supported plan can now stream at 1080p

With the launch of the Netflix ad-supported plan, the streaming platform kept things down to 720p resolution. This was in addition to the fact that streamers subscribed to this plan will get constant ads while streaming. Bringing these two factors together might have been a dealbreaker for many Netflix users.


Regardless, this didn’t stop many from subscribing to the new ad-supported plan. Based on the performance of this new subscription tier, Netflix is proud to announce that they are 1080p resolution streaming to this plan. This announcement was in the firm’s Q1 2023 letter to its investors and shareholders.

From this report, it is clear that Netflix kicked off business this year on a good foot. Currently, the Netflix ad-supported plan is available in a total of 12 markets around the world. Whilst it might still expand access to other regions, the performance of this plan in its markets is better than the standard plan.

This means that more people in the markets where the Netflix ad-supported plan is available prefer it to the standard plan. A major factor that contributes to this is the fact that this ad-supported plan is more affordable. Now, subscribers to the ad-supported plan in these markets will be able to stream movies and series at 1080p resolution.

Users will agree that this is a step in the right direction as the movie streaming industry gets more competitive. This improvement on Netflix’s part will help them retain customers and attract others from other streaming platforms as well. So now streamers using the ad-supported tier will only have to worry about seeing ads while they stream and not the picture resolution.