The app auto-archive feature is making its way to Android devices

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In a recent update on the Android Developer Blog, the arrival of the app auto-archive feature got confirmation. This feature is similar to one that has been available on iOS devices for a long time. Seeing this feature make its way to Android devices is a big deal as it will be helpful to lots of users.

With this coming feature, Android users will be able to deactivate their apps to free up space. Currently, if you need more space on your Android device, you might need to uninstall some apps. Well, the Android Developer community says that you won’t need to uninstall your apps to free up space any more.

So how exactly can you free up your phone’s storage without uninstalling any apps? The simple answer to that question is ‘app auto-archive,’ and you will soon be able to make use of this feature. But how can you access and make use of this feature if your device is running low on storage space?

Everything you need to know about the coming app auto-archive feature

With this new feature, Android is mimicking Apple, which already has a similar feature. On iOS devices, instead of uninstalling apps, users can simply offload apps. This is a solid replacement for uninstalling apps, as it simply deactivates the app until you need to use it again.


Now the Android community is set to receive a similar feature to help deactivate apps instead of uninstalling them. This feature is ideal for those looking to free up some space on their Android device. So users get to free up to 60% of an app’s storage space instead without uninstalling the said app.

Access to this feature will be found on the Play Store, as Google will give developers the option to activate this feature with their apps. Developers will be to activate auto-archive for their apps with the App Bundle publish system.

If developers don’t use the App Bundle system, they won’t be able to activate the app auto-archive feature. Google keeps this feature exclusive to developers that make use of the App Bundle to publish their apps. Once the app auto-archive feature rolls out, developers will be able to add it to their apps via an update.

Users will then be able to opt into the app auto-archive feature across their Android devices. This will take place on the Play Store while installing an app or making an update that comes with the auto-archive feature. A pop-up window will allow users to enable or disable this feature.


Turning on this feature will archive apps on your device that you haven’t used in a while. The archived apps will appear on the home screen with a cloud icon overshadowing them to tell them apart from other apps. This will be a very easy way to manage the storage on your device, especially if you have lots of apps on your device.