Samsung extends partnership with antivirus maker McAfee

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Samsung has extended its years-long partnership with antivirus software maker McAfee. With this extension, Galaxy devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, will continue to ship with McAfee’s online protection tool built-in. The two firms originally signed this partnership almost a decade ago.

“Today, McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, announced the extension of its nine-year partnership with Samsung to protect consumers’ personal data and information from online threats,” the antivirus maker announced in a press release on Tuesday. The company didn’t explicitly mention the tenure of this extension. But it appears McAfee will remain the built-in malware protection tool in Galaxy devices for several years to come.

All Samsung Galaxy devices ship with McAfee antivirus built-in

According to research by McAfee Labs, 537 new and unique online threats are discovered every minute. If you’re not careful enough, or if your device isn’t secure enough, you could be the victim of these threats. To that end, Android OS and other mobile platforms already offer a robust set of security measures to keep your device safe. Samsung wants to give Galaxy users an additional layer of security by shipping its Galaxy devices with McAfee antivirus built-in.

McAfee has powered the built-in anti-malware tool in Samsung Galaxy devices for almost a decade now. After originally signing the partnership nine years back, the two firms extended the deal in early 2018. Five years later, they have now signed another extension to give Galaxy users continued protection against various online threats. The likes of the Galaxy S23 series and Galaxy Book 3 series all come with McAfee-powered antivirus solution pre-installed.


If you haven’t noticed that McAfee is powering the online protection features on your Galaxy device, you can check through the Settings app. Go to the “Device protection” section and you should find “Powered by McAfee” somewhere there. This anti-malware solution regularly scans your Galaxy device in the background to keep it safe from threats while browsing the web or using banking apps. McAfee claims it blocks more than 22,000 threats every minute.

“When purchasing the latest Samsung product, the last thing users want to think about is its security,” said Gagan Singh, COO at McAfee. “Consumers should be able to enjoy what the internet has to offer, from banking to browsing social media, with the benefit of protections against potential risks online. Our almost decade-long partnership with Samsung extends our award-winning online protection to Samsung’s customers and advances our mission to empower consumers to live their lives online with confidence.”