You can reserve a OnePlus Pad, but you still can't know the price

OnePlus Pad announcement 8

OnePlus unveiled its first tablet alongside the OnePlus 11, and it looks like the company went all out on it. While we know just about everything there is about this device, the Chinese company has yet to reveal its price (and that’s kinda important). Well, we know one price; you can reserve the OnePlus Pad for $99, according to XDA Developers.

So, it sounds weird that you would drop $99 just to set aside one of these tablets, but there’s a perk to reserving one. The OnePlus has two accessories that you can add on. One is a magnetic keyboard and the other one is a stylus. If you reserve a tablet, you can get one of those accessories for free.

The Keyboard has a $149 value and the stylus has a value of $99, and you  can choose which one you get. That doesn’t seem to be a bad deal for the price.

If you’re thinking of reserving this tablet, you have until April 24th to reserve your unit. OnePlus will reveal the official price on April 25th.


Want to reserve a OnePlus Pad? Here are the specs

So, OnePlus isn’t pulling any punches with the OnePlus Pad. It uses the  MediaTek Dimensity 9000 which is the company’s most powerful chip to date. This is backed up by up to 512GB of storage and up to 12GB of RAM. This means that it’s all about power and productivity.

Moving onto the display, this tablet has a large 11.67-inch 2800 x 2000 display with an impressive 144Hz refresh rate. So, the display is sharp and it’s extremely fluid. This will make for a great viewing experience.

The most interesting thing about the display is the aspect ratio. This device uses a unique 7:5 aspect that almost makes it appear square. The company calls this the ReadFit display. It should be great for reading documents and ebooks.

Adding to the viewing experience, there’s the audio experience. The OnePlus Pad has a quad-speaker setup that promises to give you an immersive listening experience.


This tablet comes with a large 9510mAh battery and can be charged with 67W of power. If you’re interested in reserving this tablet, you can click here.