Remembering some of the worst Android phones of all time

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Even the staunchest android fan will admit that android devices haven’t always hit the mark. In fact, it’s no secret that we’ve been exposed to a number of stinkers over the years.

In previous times, manufacturers tried to impact the space with a variety of android phones that really didn’t deliver. We aren’t just talking about horrific Chinese knock-offs here either, instead devices by respected brands, such as Motorola and Samsung, that were flawed. Of course, this particular topic is ultimately subjective, but there is no doubt that the android category has been filled with shoddy devices over the years.

Thankfully, in the modern world, innovation has improved things. Now, in 2023, android users can capture high-quality images that outdo the digital cameras of old, people can explore gaming options like the buffalo game show, a type of live casino game that features a croupier as host and enables gamers to experience casino life in the palm of their hands, while Android phones can also help us find love with a few swipes or stream live sport, too. In order to get here, though, we’ve had to endure some seriously dodgy phones. Let’s look at some of the worst of them below.

The Motorola DROID Bionic bombed massively

If you’re an avid android user and know about the history of android phones, then you’ve probably stumbled across the Motorola DROID Bionic before. It’s fair to say that this particular device bombed spectacularly, too, with a delayed release being credited with two or three redesigns that didn’t tickle many people’s fancy. When the phone eventually did hit the shelves, it was riddled with bugs that made it feel like nothing short of a lazy release. The problems were extensive from the offset, but the phone was still being marketed to potential customers. In fairness, the device was eventually corrected in the following months, but what came before that put many consumers off. What a shambles.


The HTC EVO 3D provided a miserable experience

A device that created a lot of hype thanks to its “revolutionary” 3D camera that was apparently going to change the game, the HTC EVO 3D was a massive letdown. While the camera did deliver a solid photo-taking experience, it wasn’t anything like the manufacturers hyped it up to be. Throw in the phone’s shocking battery life and its rather poor design that chipped easily, and it’s fair to say that the HTC EVO 3D really didn’t live up to expectations.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire for no apparent reason

Despite the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offering a range of impressive features, such as its solid battery and its lovely curved display, the fact that users were sending back devices and avoiding serious accidents due to the phone catching on fire made it a nightmare. Exploding phones aren’t new, of course, but the fact that it happened with a highly anticipated device, and that it was recalled initially only to then start catching on fire again, will go down as one of Samsung’s worst moments ever.

You wouldn’t give the Kyocera Echo to your worst enemy

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It’s probably no surprise that Kyocera failed to hit the right notes, given the brand’s horrific track record, but the Kyocera Echo was expected to buck the trend. Sadly, and somewhat predictably, it was an absolute disaster. Not only did the device resemble a brick, but the over-exaggerated bezel was a pain. Additionally, while the two 3.5-inch screens promised a lot and sounded intriguing initially, they resulted in a truly painful user experience that was nothing but a classic case of terrible engineering.