Picture-in-picture is now available in the Windows Subsystem for Android

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If you use the Windows Subsystem for Android, then you are in for a treat. The latest update to this system brings a feature that you might have been waiting for all this while. That feature is the picture-in-picture mode and it will help improve how you interact with the Android apps available on your Windows 11 device (monitor or laptop).

If you aren’t aware, you can use Android apps on your Windows device. This has been the case over the past months and it gets better with constant updates and improvements. Well, the past updates to the Android app system on Windows devices have majorly bumped up their frame rates while in use.

With this new update, users get a proper improvement in how they interact with Android apps on Windows 11 devices. Asides from the picture-in-picture addition, other features come with the latest Windows Subsystem for Android update. We will take a look at all five new features in this article.

All new features coming with the latest Windows Subsystem for Android update

The Windows Subsystem for Android made its first appearance back in 2021. This came along with the Windows 11 launch and it brought Android apps to Windows devices. But it relied on the Amazon App Store and not the Google Play Store to make these apps available to users around the world.


Ever since its launch, Microsoft has worked hard to improve this system for its users globally. The latest update to this system is bringing four new features in addition to the long-awaited picture-in-picture mode. Two features are major improvements, while the rest are rather subtle.

The picture-in-picture mode and performance improvement for Android apps make up the major improvements. With the new picture-in-picture mode, users can now use their Android apps more flexibly. Following this is what Microsoft calls a “partially running” system setting. This helps to improve the launch speed of Android apps and it is under the WSA Settings app.

Other minor improvements with the new Windows Subsystem for Android update are major security related. They include updates to the Linux kernel version, platform reliability, and lastly Android 13 security updates. All these other features ensure that Android apps on Windows are safe to use by everyone.

These improvements are only available to Windows Insiders via the most recent update. To get early access to it, you need to sign up for the Insider program. The update will become available to the public in the coming weeks via a stable release.