Matter support for Nest Thermostat is finally here thanks to an update

Google Nest Thermostat AH HR Controls

For a long time, there has been no Matter support for the Nest Thermostat, but all of that is coming to an end. Google’s Nest smart home devices have been at the back seat regarding the Matter smart home connectivity feature. Sometime last year, Google started rolling out Matter support to some Nest devices like smart displays, speakers, and others.

This rollout process has been one step at a time, or one product at a time. Now the Nest Thermostat smart device is getting Matter support with smart home connectivity features. Users of Google’s thermostat smart device will now be able to benefit from the connectivity benefits that Matter brings.

The announcement that Nest Thermostat devices are getting Matter compatibility came a few days ago. This fulfilled Google’s promise that their Thermostat devices will gain support for Matter this year. But, what exactly would this Matter support bring for Google Nest Thermostat users around the world?

What is in store for users with the rollout of Matter support for the Nest Thermostat?

Matter is simply the new standard for connectivity between smart home devices. This standard is recognized by a ton of smart home gadget manufacturing companies. Most new smart home appliances launch with support for this feature, and the old devices are getting support for it.


Matter uses Internet Protocol (IP) such as Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and Thread to connect smart devices. This is the standard for compatibility between most smart devices today for seamless connectivity. So, regardless of the new smart home device you purchase, it will work perfectly with the devices you already own as long as they are Matter compatible.

So, with the new Matter support for Nest Thermostat, users will be able to do more with their heat regulation smart device. Previously, users needed to rely on Google Assistant to control their Nest Thermostat device. But, with Matter support, they can do this via Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Samsung SmartThings, etc. depending on their preference.

This is also ideal if the user’s household smart devices use a voice assistant other than Google Assistant. So if you make use of the Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, or Samsung SmartThings ecosystem, you can now get a Nest Thermostat. It will effortlessly sync with your smart home appliance and exist in your ecosystem without requiring you to make a switch.

Google says that this update bringing Matter support for the Nest Thermostat is currently rolling out to users. If you own a Nest Thermostat device, you will get this feature soon. Over the coming months, this update will make its way to users in various regions, one Thermostat at a time.