LG Energy Solution batteries to be used in coming Samsung foldable devices

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LG Energy Solution batteries are common in the tech industry for gadgets and even electric vehicles. A new report claims that the coming Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip 5 will come packed with LG batteries. This will bring LG into the production line of these devices as a battery supplier alongside others.

Samsung has long turned to LG as a battery supplier for most of its flagship devices. This is also true of other Asian battery manufacturing companies that Samsung does business with. Each major battery supplier to Samsung brings in a set quota of batteries that will facilitate the manufacturing of these devices.

For the coming Fold and Flip 5 devices to launch in Q4 2023, LG will supply some batteries. This will help strengthen both brands’ business ties and help boost development in battery technology for Samsung devices. What does this partnership mean for Samsung fans around the world waiting on the launch of the brand’s next-generation foldable devices?

The coming Samsung Fold and Flip devices will use LG Energy Solution batteries

Three major battery suppliers will have a share in the development of Samsung’s coming foldable devices. These three suppliers are LG Energy Solution, Samsung SDI, and China ATL. All three are not new in the business of developing and supplying batteries for Samsung flagship and midrange devices.


Each supplier will get a quota of battery supplies to make up for the manufacturing process. The available information regarding these supplies doesn’t state the quota for each supplier. Samsung fans can be sure that all suppliers would work to meet their allocated quotas to facilitate the manufacturing process of these devices.

Having three battery suppliers doesn’t mean that buyers of the coming foldable devices from Samsung will see different battery types on their devices. All Galaxy Fold 5s will come with the same capacity, charging speed, and life span expectancy. But three suppliers would work at making the batteries to be put to use on these devices.

LG Energy Solution batteries have gained a good name for themselves in the tech industry globally. A good amount of smartphone brands like Apple and other Android brands, even electric vehicle brands like General Motors, Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar, etc use larger LG batteries.

All of these prove that LG batteries are a great option for the coming Samsung foldable devices. Leaks also claim that these batteries will be easy to replace, as Samsung is working on improving the sustainability of its foldable devices. More information on these upcoming foldable devices will be available in the coming months.