How to unlock any phone password without losing data 2023

PassFab Android Unlocker Free Download

Mobile phone security is a wonderful thing—until you find yourself on the wrong side of it because you’ve forgotten your password or broken your screen.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. PassFab is a brilliant tool that lets you bypass any phone password, whether it’s on a second-hand handset with a mystery PIN or a tablet that’s taken a tumble down some stairs.

It lets you bypass every kind of lock screen, too, including numeric, alphanumeric, gesture-based, and biometric.

Plus, you can use it to access your Google account, wipe all data and settings with a single click, and remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP) restrictions on a Samsung device.


But PassFab Android Unlock isn’t just for Samsung phones. Every conceivable manufacturer and Android version is covered, from Google to Oppo, and from Android 2.0 to Android 12.

Best of all, you don’t even need to be a technical wiz to use it. PassFab Android Unlock is simple, intuitive, and fast.

You can read all about how to bypass the FRP lock on a Samsung phone (or any phone, for that matter) right here.

The PassFab website contains an extensive guide, walking you through the universal unlock PIN process using PassFab Android Unlock, which boasts an impressive 100% unlock rate on even current models with the latest security, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.


We recommend you read the whole guide for yourself, but in a nutshell the process involves downloading and installing a small piece of software, connecting your Android phone to your PC via USB, and following a few onscreen prompts.

PassFab Android Unlock gives you the option of removing the screen lock or removing the Google lock (FRP). If you pick the former, you’ll then get the choice to remove the lock without data loss, though this is only available for Samsung phones.

The FRP removal process is a little more involved, though the guide on the PassFab site breaks it down brilliantly, and the app itself makes it a breeze.

So whether you are wondering how to unlock any phone password. how to bypass FRP lock on Samsung or simply looking for a universal unlock pin for android PassFab is the answer. Head over to the PassFab website now to get started.