Google's new data deletion policy brings user data transparency

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In a bid to improve consumer trust and transparency, Google has launched a new data deletion policy. This aims at giving users more control over the data present on apps and services. Through this means, users will be able to delete their accounts with apps and web platforms without fear that it is still accessible.

The announcement of this launch came via the Google Android Developer blog a few days ago. Since its announcement, this has become a sensation across the internet. This goes to prove that the new data deletion policy has been something users have looked forward to.

Well, this new feature is not only useful to netizens but also for developers. For users, they get to ensure their data is protected and for developers, they get to gain user trust. So how will this new policy be implemented, and how can users access it?

Control your online data with the new data deletion policy coming to the Google Play Store

Everyone signs up for apps and services they won’t use in the long term now and then. Once done with these apps and services, deleting your account and the data linked to your account becomes an issue. Certain developers hold onto the data of users after they delete their accounts with them for certain reasons.


Sometimes these are not genuine, and Google is out to curb such uncalled-for holding back of user data. With the new data deletion policy, developers will “need to provide an option to initiate account and data deletion” from within their apps and web platforms. This will give users more control over their data, assuring them that their data is deleted along with their accounts.

Also, users will be able to confirm which apps have provision for this option before downloading it from the Play Store. Google now requires that developers link their account deletion options under the Data safety form. This form is a recent addition to the app instalment page on the Play Store.

Users will be able to get all the data deletion information they need regarding any app they wish to download. Developers will also be transparent on how they handle user data after account deletion. By providing information on account deletion, developers will be able to gain user trust.

Thanks to the new Google data deletion policy, users can rest assured that their data is deleted along with their accounts. They will also be able to tell why certain data is not deleted, with the assurance that it will not be misused or sold to bad actors. This change will become available on the Google Play Store early next year after developers submit their app’s Data Safety on December 7.