Google is changing how Assistant works on lockscreens via Bluetooth

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Google Assistant Bluetooth settings seem to have received a makeover. The new Bluetooth settings are meant for Paired Bluetooth devices with microphones, such as headphones and Assistant. The update primarily focuses on improving functionality instead of bringing significant changes.

As per Google’s blog post (via 9to5Google), the voice settings have lost three toggles under the Hands-free section. Here’s how it could impact the user experience.

Say goodbye to the Bluetooth Audio Recording setting

When multiple microphones were available for Google Assistant, the Bluetooth Audio Recording setting enabled the use of Bluetooth-enabled microphones.

It informs your Assistant that a Bluetooth microphone is accessible if Bluetooth earbuds and a smartwatch are connected to your phone. It also works if your phone is paired with a Bluetooth-enabled car. Starting from April 10, the Bluetooth Audio Recording feature is discontinued. Now, your phone will automatically switch to the microphone of the paired Bluetooth device to communicate with Google Assistant.


So, when a Bluetooth device is connected, you are likely closer to the device than your phone. To simplify the process, Google Assistant will now use the microphone on your Bluetooth device by default.

Assistant removed from Bluetooth device settings

The options to “Allow Bluetooth Requests when Device Locked” and “Allow Wired Headset Requests when Device Locked” have been removed. Instead, the settings for “Assistant responses on lock screen” will determine how the Assistant responds via paired Bluetooth earbuds or wired headphones without a 3.5 mm jack when the phone is locked.

It’s imperative to note that even if the “Assistant on locked screen” feature is disabled and your phone is locked, Google Assistant will still respond when configured on specific headphones. It will only happen on Assistant-enabled headphones or wired headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. However, you can disable Assistant on these headphones from settings.

If you wish to listen to your personalized results through earbuds or headphones while your Android phone is locked, follow these simple steps:

  • Just say, “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Tap “Personal results” under “All settings.”
  • Toggle on “Personal results” under “Your phone.”
  • Select”On headphones.”

If you have personal results turned on and are using wired headphones, you need to connect your headphones and unlock the phone to get personalized results. These results will remain available when the phone is locked but will stop as soon as the wired headphones are unplugged.