Federal antitrust lawsuit against Google gets recognition from more states

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More states in the US have joined in support of the federal antitrust lawsuit against Google. These states are Michigan, Nebraska, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Washington, and West Virginia. All nine of them have joined the side of the federal government in the fight against Google’s violations of antitrust regulations.

This lawsuit came into existence in January and is now gaining more ground among states. Google is gradually coming under fire as to how they handle the operations of its advertising business. According to the lawsuit, Google uses its position in the advertising industry for its selfish benefits.

Since this is a lawsuit and an accusation, the accused will have something to say in response. The accused in this lawsuit, Google, has come out to refute any allegations made against it by the government. Regardless of its cries of innocence, nine more states have joined eight other states to push this lawsuit against Google’s business activities.

Google’s advertising business in the spotlight after the federal antitrust lawsuit

The government currently has their watchful eyes on Google’s advertising business. There are growing concerns regarding how the company handles its business activities and the competition. This federal antitrust lawsuit against Google highlights the company’s unlawful exploitation of its presence in the advertising industry.


If you aren’t already aware, Google is one of the largest companies in the advertising industry. In 2020 alone, Google made over 224.47 billion in its ad revenue alone, which is a whopping sum of money. Millions of brands from different countries make use of Google Ad services to make their brands known to the public.

This action generates billions of dollars annually for Google, and the same can not be said of the competition. The federal antitrust lawsuit against Google argues that the tech giant is altering the advertising industry in its favour. Also, this isn’t the first time that Google is facing such a lawsuit.

Back in 2020, the tech giant was slammed with a similar lawsuit, but regarding its search dominance. Well, dominating a market or industry where one does business isn’t bad. The main issue comes with doing by illegal monopolization of the market or industry where other companies also do business. This action is detrimental to the other businesses in such an industry and can kill the competition.

Google claims that it is innocent of all allegations levelled against it and urges the court to dismiss the case. But with over seventeen states taking sides with the government, dismissing the case will be difficult. The lawsuit might also question some of Google’s deals with other companies in the advertising industry.