April Pixel Watch update rolls out bringing security upgrades

google pixel watch AM AH 04 1

Users of the Google Pixel Watch are getting the April update with improvements. This update is coming alongside the April update for Pixel smartphones, and both updates are similar. For some reason, the new features and improvements are not bulky but seem to hit the nail on the head.

Basically, this update comes along with important security patches. This is also the case with the April update for Pixel devices, it is a security update. Some users might find it annoying that the new update only brings security improvements to the smartwatch.

This might be the case because the previous update comes with tons of features. Well, a security update is also essential for your smartwatch, hence making this update quite important. Pixel Watch users can make do with the features rolled out with the previous update.

Details on the April update for the Google Pixel Watch 

The latest update to the Pixel Watch comes with security upgrades for users around the world. There are no new features with this update, just a security improvement. The previous update came with a ton of new features for users to benefit from.


Some of these features include new Watch Faces, rotating the digital crown to wake, touch sensitivity, alarms, and so on. These features improve the overall user experience whilst making this smartwatch from Google more interesting to use. Considering the number of new features the previous update came with, it is hard to complain about the lack of new features with this new update.

This update’s security improvements help to patch up some loose ends and ensure user data security. A similar security upgrade is rolling out for Pixel devices that are eligible to receive updates. Just like the update made available for the Pixel Watch that coming to Pixel devices patches up any security flaws.

For Pixel watch users, to ensure that you get this update, you need to make sure your Watch is running on Wear OS 3.5. To confirm this, head over to your watch’s system update page in settings and refresh it. If you aren’t up-to-date, all pending updates will be listed for you to install.

If you are up-to-date, then you can proceed to install the April update. This update is currently rolling out to Pixel Watches globally, so if you are yet to get yours, don’t panic. The update will become available to users globally in the coming days.