Siri may get a different home in iOS 17, an expected one

Apple iPhone 14 Pro series image 11

Apple seems to be working on a Dynamic Island Siri integration that will surface with the iOS 17 update. This integration will only be available for Apple devices with the Dynamic Island pill cutout. Other Apple devices without the notch might still house Siri’s pop-up microphone icon at the bottom of the screen.

There is no official statement to support this claim, as it currently is a leak and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Well, the tech industry is full of leaks, some of which surface with the launch of physical and software products. This particular leak comes from a Twitter user that analyses Apple products and software.

The tipster goes by the username analyst941, and he has made some claims about what features iOS 17 will bring. Moving the Siri microphone icon to Dynamic Island is just one of the features that this analyst says Apple users should expect. Other tips this analyst gives off regarding iOS 17 include the devices that will get the update, performance, and design improvements.

Asides from the Dynamic Island Siri integration, there are other things to look out for with the iOS 17 upgrade

While activating Siri on your Apple device, a little circle appears at the bottom of the screen. If you use the iPhone 14 Pro series, a new leak claims that the Siri pop-up icon will move to your device’s Dynamic Island. But if you make use of any older iPhones, you will still get the pop-up at its usual place.


This integration between Apple’s Dynamic Island and Siri voice assistant is said to come with the iOS 17 upgrade. This upgrade will roll out globally towards the end of the year or early next year. But netizens will get to know more about this not iOS version at the WWDC event to take place in June.

If this leak is accurate, then Apple’s representatives will talk more about this feature during the company’s coming developer event. Well, the Dynamic Island Siri integration won’t be the only new feature coming to eligible Apple devices with the iOS 17 upgrade. There will be other changes and improvements to help boost the user experience with the launch of this iOS version.

According to the tipster and Apple product analyst, here are some upgrades that users can expect with the iOS 17 upgrade. The control panel might get some design improvements along with extra customization features. Apple might also focus on “performance, efficiency, stability, and long-term support for older devices” with this update. Surprisingly, older devices like the iPhone 8 might also receive this upgrade once it rolls out.

With this iOS upgrade, Dynamic Island will get more functional as Apple switches away from the notch on its devices. Siri might be making a shift to the Dynamic Island, hence making the software-enabled pill-shaped cutout a bit more functional. More information on the iOS 17 upgrade will be available as other sources confirm more details.