Android 14 Beta 1 update brings forth several notable improvements

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The Android 14 Beta 1 update is already available for testing, and it comes with some impressive features. Some of those who have got to use this Beta version argues that the improvements are skin deep. But after scouring through the system, some users have found a good amount of changes in comparison to the Android 13 version.

Direct sources of this information, 9to5Google, have already tested this Beta version. During the test, their APK Insight team were able to spot some changes that will make their way to the stable Android 14 version. Some of these changes bring design improvements, while others bring functionality.

Well, the team notes that there is no guarantee that these beta features will make it to the stable version. Android might drop off some of these features after tests are over, whilst leaving a few for actual usage. In this article, we will look at some of the features that are available on the Android 14 Beta 1 update.

Three major improvements with the Android 14 Beta 1 update

For now, the APK Insight team of 9to5Google have been able to identify six new features in the Android 14 Beta 1 update. Four new features in this update focus on functionality, while two focus on design. The new design-oriented features deal with lock and wallpaper customization.


With this Beta 1 update, users can customize their lock screen clock. They can play around with the clock’s colour and size on the lock screen. When it comes to the size, users get to pick from either the Dynamic or Small (doesn’t change) options. The Dynamic option changes the clock size according to the content displayed on the lock screen at a given time.

Still, on the topic of design, the next feature in this category is Wallpaper and Style customization. The functions of this feature stay the same as is available on Android 13 for Google Pixel devices. But the design layout is new with the Android 14 Beta 1 update, as certain elements change positions.

For the functional features, this Beta update comes with new lock screen shortcuts and it is customizable. Users can pick between camera, device control, mute, do not disturb, and video camera shortcut keys. These can be used for quick actions without unlocking the device, a user can also choose to have none of these keys.

Another new functional feature is the clipboard overlay which is now minimized. This feature is already available on Android 13, but it is a bit distracting as it pops up over the user’s work while typing. Well, the Android 14 Beta 1 update fixes this issue by making this overlay smaller and expandable when necessary.


Next on the list is the single-app screen recording feature that allows users to record just the actions in an app. This is a big functionality upgrade and most users will find it useful. The last feature of this upgrade is the font size tile for adjusting between various fonts.

But you can already do that from your settings page, well with Android 14 you will be able to do that from your control panel. All these functional features and design improvements are great and will come in handy for most Android users. For now, users can hope that they will all make their way to the Android 14 stable release.