Under-display Face ID gets delayed for a full year

Face ID Apple image 1

It seems like Apple is having problems with its next-gen facial scanning tech. According to a well-known tipster, Apple’s under-display Face ID tech has been delayed for at least a year.

Apple’s under-display Face ID gets delayed for a full year, it seems

This information comes from Ice Universe, as he said that we won’t be seeing this tech until at least 2025. That basically means that it will arrive with the iPhone 17 series at the earliest. We may even have to wait until the iPhone 18, based on this info.

Now, knowing Apple, the under-display Face ID tech will debut in its ‘Pro’ series. Once that happens, Dynamic Island will almost certainly disappear. Under-display Face ID should make it possible for Apple to offer a display without a notch, or a camera hole of any kind.


Of course, there’s always a question of a front-facing camera, but that tech should be up to standard by 2025-2026. Under-display Face ID tech is proving to be more of a problem at this point.

The company seems to be having “sensor issues”

Why did it get delayed, though? Well, the tipster did offer a brief explanation. He said that Apple is having “sensor issues”. That’s everything he said. It’s probably not working as well as Apple had hoped, or something of the sort.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max debuted the so-called ‘Dynamic Island’. That is basically a pill-shaped cutout at the top of the display which works in collaboration with iOS animations to create an interesting experience.


That pill-shaped hole replaced a notch on the iPhones. Well, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus still have it, but the iPhone 15 series will basically move away from it. The entire iPhone 15 series will go the Dynamic Island route, both base and ‘Pro’ models.

The iPhone SE 4 is tipped to launch next year, however, and that phone will include a notch still. Its design will be based on the iPhone 14, if the rumors are anything to go by. In other words, it will use the iPhone 14’s chassis.