Samsung launches new camera accessories for Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Grip Stand 2

Samsung has released a couple of new camera accessories for the Galaxy S23 series. The company is offering a Slim Tripod Stand and a Camera Grip Stand with a detachable Bluetooth remote for its latest flagships. Both are add-on accessories compatible only with the official Gadget Case.

Samsung has multiple new camera accessories for the Galaxy S23 flagships

The Slim Tripod Stand is a folding mini tripod for your Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, or Galaxy S23 Ultra. Measuring just 52 x 10.5 x 96 mm in dimension and weighing 70 grams, it’s extremely portable and lightweight. But an aluminum body means it’s a sturdy stand capable of firmly and stably mounting the device in vertical or horizontal orientation.

This makes it an ideal solution while watching videos or using the camera. Thanks to the rotating hinge structure, you can easily adjust the mounting angle. And when not in use, simply fold it and the mini tripod will stay attached to the back of your phone. Of course, you can also detach it without much effort.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Slim Tripod Stand camera accessory

The Camera Grip Stand is also an add-on accessory for the Gadget Case. It’s a little bulkier (64 x 26 x 74 mm) and heavier (85 grams), though not much. As the name suggests, it gives you extra grip when shooting photos or videos on your Galaxy S23 device. It has a dedicated shutter button that allows you to take pictures comfortably with just one hand. Moreover, this accessory doubles as a mini tripod too.

The shutter button is detachable as well. So you can remotely take photos while your phone is on a tripod. Thanks to tilting support, you can adjust the angles of your shot without removing the handset from the tripod.


Price and availability

As of this writing, Samsung’s Slim Tripod Stand and Camera Grip Stand are listed on the company’s official website in the UK (via). The former is priced at £34 (roughly $40) and is available to purchase immediately in Silver color. The latter, on the other hand, some in White but doesn’t have a price or availability date yet.

As for their availability outside the UK, there’s no word from Samsung yet. The accessories are pretty useful for photography enthusiasts who frequently capture photos and videos with their brand-new Galaxy S23 phones. The Korean firm will probably sell both Slim Tripod Stand and Camera Grip Stand in more markets in the coming weeks. We will let you know if these accessories arrive in the US.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Grip Stand