Ryan Reynolds will make over $300 million from the Mint Mobile sale

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It’s no secret that Ryan Reynolds is one of the most successful actors of all time, starring in blockbuster hits like Deadpool. However, it’s not just his acting prowess that has propelled him to immense wealth and fame as Ryan Reynolds is also a shrewd investor, with stakes in several successful businesses, including Mint mobile, which T-Mobile recently acquired for an astounding $1.35 billion. And based on Ryan’s 25% stake, this deal would potentially earn him a payout of over $300 million.

“I never dreamt I’d own a wireless company, and I certainly never dreamt I’d sell it to T-Mobile. Life is strange, and I’m incredibly proud and grateful,” said Reynolds.

Mint’s success can be attributed to the company’s customer-centric approach, offering flexible and affordable data plans that users could customize according to their needs. The company’s direct-to-consumer model helped to keep overhead costs low, while its transparent pricing helped establish Mint Mobile as a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Ryan’s involvement with Mint Mobile also played a significant role in its success. His creative ads and marketing efforts, infused with his unique wit and humor, helped Mint Mobile stand out in a crowded and highly competitive market.


“Mint wasn’t an obvious next step after Aviation Gin. Low-cost wireless isn’t glamorous. Yet, in the 3+ years, Mint Mobile grew exponentially,” Reynolds tweeted on Wednesday.

Ryan’s investments paying off.

While Ryan Reynolds earned approximately $70 million in 2020 from his film and entertainment ventures, his investments like Mint have proven to be even more profitable. Combined, his stakes in Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile could potentially bring him a payout of almost $1 billion.

Reynolds has also expanded his investment portfolio with the purchase of Wrexham AFC, a Welsh soccer team, for roughly $2.5 million. Additionally, he owns a content company, Maximum Effort, that produces movies, TV shows, content, ads, and even cocktails.