Realme is planning to launch its first foldable smarpthone

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Realme will launch its foldable smartphone as well, we just don’t know when exactly. The company’s VP and President of Realme International, Madhav Sheth, kind of confirmed this via Twitter.

Realme seems to be planning a foldable smartphone launch, its very first one

He went to Twitter to ask his followers if they want the Realme Flip or Realme Fold. In other words, he wants to know if people are more interested in a clamshell foldable, or a book-style foldable smartphone.

What’s interesting is that he didn’t open up a poll or anything like that. He simply wanted to hear back from users, via the comments. This clearly indicates that Realme has some foldable phones in the works.


Truth be said, both a clamshell foldable and a book-style foldable will likely get released from Realme. The company may prioritize one over the other, however, which is why Madhav Sheth did this.

We expect more information about this in the near future, as the company’s VP just let the cat out of the bag. Considering Realme’s track records, these foldable devices could be quite interesting, and not overly expensive.

Realme started off as OPPO’s sub-brand

Realme, as many of you know, started off as OPPO’s sub-brand in 2018, but it eventually became a separate brand. Needless to say, Realme picked up a lot of tech and knowledge from OPPO, and knows what it’s doing.


Its smartphones became quite popular in a number of regions around the globe, and some of them are quite interesting. Realme recently announced the world’s fastest charging smartphone, the Realme GT3.

So, it will certainly be interesting to see what it can offer when it comes to foldables. It’s nice to see more and more companies join the foldable smartphone market. The more of them we see, the faster the tech will progress. Competition is always good for growth.