The new photo and movie editor lands on Chromebooks

Chromebook table

ChromeOS is becoming more of a power-focused platform, as Google has been adding more functionality over the years. The company recently announced that a new and pretty capable movie editor was coming to Chromebooks. Well, according to 9To5Google, it’s finally making its way to the public.

This is a long time coming, as the company announced better photo and video editing capabilities coming to ChromeOS. This included adding compatibility for the ever-popular LumaFusion. This is a powerful video editing program that we’ve seen on iPads and Android tablets.

How does this movie editor for Chromebooks work?

This movie editor won’t be as feature-rich as LumaFusion, but it’d be a free addition to the Google Photos app in ChromeOS. To access it, you can simply type “movie” into the search bar. You can either do that or just go to the Google Photos app.

While in the app, click/tap the Creations button on the left side of the UI. Then, select Add new and then Movie.


Now, this movie editor is definitely AI-driven. When you start creating your movie, you’ll see a grid of preset templates that you can choose from. There are presets titled things like “They grow up so fast”, “Year of smiles”, “Pet movie”, and so on. This means that the program will use AI to identify what’s in your images, and it’ll add appropriate photos and videos.

If you don’t want to start from a template, you can click on the Start from scratch button on the top right of the screen. In the movie creator, you’ll be able to select the photos and video clips that you want to add to your masterpiece.

The program’s AI influence doesn’t stop at the templates. If you add a longer video, the program will select the most important parts of the video clips to add to the movie. You’ll still have the ability to edit those clips yourself before the video starts rendering.

As you’re editing your video, you’re able to add more or remove clips and pictures. You can also drag and drop them to move them around. Along with that, you can markup the content, add filters, and make adjustments to the colors.


If you’re looking for a simple and capable movie editor, then you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for this one. It’s rolling out, so there’s a chance that you won’t see it right away.