March 2023 update for OnePlus 11 brings expanded Android Auto support & more

OnePlus 11 Review AM AH 13

OnePlus has started rolling out its March 2023 Android update for the OnePlus 11. This update brings a number of improvements to the table, in addition to the Android security patch for March 2023. On top of all that, it delivers expanded Android Auto support.

March 2023 Android update is now rolling out to the OnePlus 11

This move should help the OnePlus 11 be compatible with more cars, though the exact details haven’t been shared. OnePlus also listed improved system stability in the changelog, as expected.

Now, a number of specific fixes/improvements got listed here. The company fixed an issue where the icons in Quick Settings overlapped. OnePlus also improved the stability and compatibility of Bluetooth connections.

The same improvements for stability and compatibility go for Wi-Fi network connections. So if you had issues thus far, they should be gone now, hopefully. The stability of network connections has also been improved.


The last entry in the changelog mentions the exposure adjustment in Movie mode, as that aspect has also been improved by OnePlus. There are no new features included in this update, but improvements are always nice to see.

Fixes for 58 vulnerabilities are included in this update

What is worth noting is that March 2203 Android Security Bulletin mentions fixes for 58 vulnerabilities. Needless to say, security improvements are always welcomed, regardless of what update we’re talking about.

This is, of course, an Android 13-based update, as the phone launched with Android 13 a while back. The OnePlus 11 proved to be very stable since its release, as we were able to find out while we were testing the phone.

Things can always be improved, though, and we’re expecting more updates from OnePlus in the coming months. This update is rolling out in stages, as per usual. So, just because it started rolling out doesn’t mean you’ll immediately get it. It should roll out soon, though.