Global versions of Huawei Mate X3 & P60 will launch on May 9

Huawei P60 and Mate X3 image 1

As many of you know by now, Huawei announced its new flagship offerings yesterday. The Huawei Mate X3 foldable smartphone got announced, alongside three Huawei P60 series devices, and the Huawei Watch Ultimate. Some other devices got presented, but these are the ones that stole the show. Well, Huawei has confirmed that global variants of the Mate X3 and P60 series will be coming on May 9.

Global versions of Huawei Mate X3 & P60 series will launch on May 9

Do note that the company reached out to us to confirm it, we haven’t seen it on Huawei’s social media network channels just yet. The company said that the event will take place in Munich, Germany, though we still don’t know at what time exactly. That confirmation will likely come later on.

Just to be clear, the company said that “overseas versions” of “a number of new products” that launched in China, will be announced during this event. It did not name devices specifically, so do note that.

The Huawei Watch Ultimate was already announced for global markets, at the same time as the event in China yesterday. We already know it will go on sale on March 28, and that it will be quite pricey.


The Huawei Mate X3 has a lot to offer from the design standpoint

More people are probably interested in Huawei’s flagship smartphones, though. The Huawei Mate X3 managed to shock us yesterday, as it was announced as the thinnest book-style foldable, and also one of the lightest large foldables in the market. Well, probably the lightest one.

That’s only scratching the surface, though, as the phone truly does have a lot to offer. The Huawei P60 series is also rather interesting. Huawei opted for a somewhat odd naming scheme these days, by introducing the ‘Art’ model as the highest-end P60 device.

It remains to be seen if all three P60 devices will launch in Europe, or just one or two. The Mate X3 will be coming, almost certainly, so get ready for that.