Google's latest Pixel Feature Drop: Faster Night Sight, Health Connect & More

google pixel 7 AM AH 15

While many were talking last week about the latest Pixel Feature Drop being delayed, it was only delayed a week. As the Pixel Feature Drop is here, and is now rolling out to Pixel devices.

So what’s new? Well, Google is adding a few new features to Pixel phones. This includes faster Night Sight on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Thanks to Google improving and adding new algorithms on Tensor chipsets, it’s even faster to capture low-light photos.

Google is also expanding Magic Eraser to older Pixel devices, all the way down to the Pixel 4a. Previously, this was available on the Pixel 6 and later. So good news for those with older devices. Direct My Call+ is also expanding to the Pixel 4a and newer. Which will show you call menu options before you hear them.


Finally, Health Connect is now coming pre-installed on all Pixel devices. This is going to allow you to sync your health data across platforms. Including Samsung Health, Fitbit and more.

Pixel Feature Drop isn’t just about phones

The Pixel Watch is also getting Fall Detection. Now using the motion sensors and on-device machine learning, your Pixel Watch can now detect hard falls. It can also automatically call emergency services if you don’t respond or move in a certain timeframe. Your watch will play an automated message to emergency services or you can speak to them yourself.

On top of all of this, Google is also expanding some popular Pixel features like Hold for Me to other regions and languages.


This update is tied in with the March 2023 security update, which should start rolling out today for Pixel devices. So go ahead and check for System Updates on your phone to get this update. It’ll likely be a bit larger than normal here, since it does include a number of new features, and not just patching security issues.