Google One adds more security features for Everyone

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Today, Google has announced a slew of new security features for Google One. Some are new altogether, while others are being expanded to all Google One plans.

First up is the VPN by Google One. Which was previously only available on the 2TB plan. Now it is available for every paid plan. So for as little as $1.99 per month, you can get 100GB of storage, as well as VPN by Google One. This VPN is great, as it can mask your IP address, and protect your information while you’re on public, unsecured networks.

Google has also added a dark web report, which will monitor for stolen information. This is a huge deal, as it seems like everyday, we are seeing some more reports about our personal information being stolen. And now, Google can keep track of that for you. This report will scan the dark web for your personal information. This includes your name, address, email, phone number and social security number. And once it is found, you’ll be notified.


Google says that the Dark Web monitoring will start to roll out over the next few weeks to members across all of the Google One plans in the US.

This is in addition to recent features for Google One

Google is really making it worthwhile to sign up for Google One. Not only do you get more storage for your documents, photos and email, but Google has been adding quite a few features as of late.

Just last week, it added Magic Eraser to Google Photos for Google One users. Previously, this was limited to just Pixel users. It also has added the ability to get cash back rewards when you buy from the Google Store, as well as Gold Status for Play Points among other things. It’s a really useful subscription these days.