Amazon's Fire TV Omni QLED lineup now includes smaller, cheaper models! [Updated]

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Amazon is refreshing its own Fire TV sets today, with a few more QLED models for its Omni lineup. Previously, it offered a 65- and 75-inch model. Now it is expanding that lineup with a 43-, 50- and 55-inch model being added. So the TVs now start at a new low of $450.

The Omni QLED Fire TVs still offer up to 96-zone local dimming. There’s also Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ for HDR support. As you would expect, there are far field microphones included here that work for always-listening Alexa. So you can control your TV with your voice, even when it’s not turned on.

The new Omni QLED TVs are up for pre-order today, and will be available from Best Buy starting on May 11. Here’s the pricing for the new QLED models:

Amazon is also debuting newer, cheaper Fire TV models

In addition to the refreshed Omni TVs, Amazon is also debuting the new Fire TV 2-series range. This goes alongside its 4-series that it has had for a few years now.


The Fire TV 2-series includes a 32-inch 720p and a 40-inch 1080p model. These start at $200, which is pretty competitive for the size and resolution. HDR is limited here, with just HDR10 and HLG included. But, that’s actually surprising. Most TVs in this price range don’t even have HDR included. So definitely good to see.

The Fire TV 2-series is on sale from Amazon’s website starting today. There’s no pre-order period for the Fire TV 2-series. They’ll start shipping today.

It’s an interesting time for Amazon to be launching these TVs since Roku just launched their own branded TVs. Which include some pretty inexpensive TVs from the low-end, mid-range and high-end. Good to see the competition increasing, which is only going to help the consumer get a better product for its money.

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