A small Android smartphone could be in the works from Pebble

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If you love small devices, you might need to watch out for the coming Pebble Android smartphone. This device is said to resemble the iPhone Mini series that comes with 5.4-inch screen sizes. It will also pack as much power as these iPhones did, bringing a powerful processor from the semiconductor industry.

You will agree that it is difficult to find a miniature Android device in the smartphone market. Some of the best shots at tiny Android devices are the Google Pixel 6a, ASUS ZenFone 9, Samsung Galaxy S23, and a few others. These devices come with 6.1 or 5.9 -inch screen sizes, which are larger than that on the iPhone Mini entries.

Pebble plans to make a very compact Android device available to those desiring such. This plan has been in place for a while, and it is finally seeing its early development stages. Specifications of the miniature Pebble Android smartphone are not available, but here is what you need to know about this device.

Details regarding the coming Pebble Android smartphone

Back in 2022, Pebble’s CEO Eric Migicovsky posted an update on the SmallAndroidPhone blog page requesting a mini-sized Android phone. In this update, Eric made his love for small devices (sub-6-inch smartphones) known to the public. He also made the physical features of his desired device known, saying that it should be lightweight, pocket friendly, and great for one-hand usage.


His goal was to bring together lovers of small phones to put pressure on large smartphone OEMs to action. This action aimed to make these brands see the need to create a small smartphone that packs a punch. Eric has been able to gather over 38,000 small phone lovers to impress the need for a small Android smartphone.

Well, this effort to draw the attention of major smartphone OEMs have yielded little result. Most Android brands are still comfortable launching devices that sit in the 6.1 to 6.8-inch screen size range. No one seems to dare launch a device whose screen measures 5.4 inches. Even Apple abandoned their Mini line-up, opting for a much larger Max line-up.

Eric and a few other small phone enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to design the ideal smartphone that suits their needs. Some of the specifications they are working with include sub-6-inch screen size, Stock Android OS, impressive cameras, a flagship processor, good memory capacity, and so much more. From their desired specifications, this device will not be a flimsy effort at launching a sub-6-inch smartphone.

Since no smartphone brand is willing to take this task up, Eric and his team have taken it upon themselves to design the ideal device. This isn’t their first time in the gadget manufacturing industry, as this team was responsible for the design and release of the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch. With knowledge of the industry, the team has already begun designing this coming mini Android device.


Sources that have spoken with members of this team say that there are a ton of design ideas. At the moment, these ideas are mainly about the rear camera layout. Once these ideas and designs are finalized, the actual development of this device will kick off.