The sequel to this charming game about WWI is now on Netflix

Valiant Hearts Coming Home Netflix

Netflix may be drawing (well-deserved) ire from the public this week, but one thing it’s done right is bring the charming, World War I-inspired sequel to Valiant Hearts: The Great War to the platform. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, follows up the story to the 2014 game, keeping in theme with the hand-drawn art style and puzzle adventure gameplay mechanics.

Throughout the game you’ll follow the story of two brothers trying to find their way back to each other. All the while crossing paths “with new heroes who will share in the joy of reuniting and surviving the horrors of the Western Front.”

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is Ubisoft’s first game for Netflix

Ubisoft isn’t a stranger to releasing games on mobile. This is however its first game for Netflix. And it honestly couldn’t have been a better choice. The graphic novel-style gameplay lends itself well to the mobile platform. That being said, there’s more to the game than graphic novel animations. It’s a neat little blend of puzzle solving, action, and exploration. And you’ll get to experience all of that as you progress through the game’s numerous intertwined stories.


As with all Netflix games, this one requires a subscription to Netflix. The game itself though is free.

A story worth telling, and a story worth hearing

War is a terrible thing. A scary thing. A thing that rips families apart and destroys the lives of normal, everyday people. It has the potential to level cities and burn everything to ash. From those ashes however, there is learning to be had.

Stories to be told that can teach people about not just the atrocities of war, but also about the normal everyday people in those wars just trying to survive. For the chance (however small) at seeing their loved ones again. At a return to some semblance of normalcy. The stories are worth telling, and worth hearing. So that hopefully, just maybe, history doesn’t repeat itself. While fictitious, that’s what the stories told in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home are capable of.


Mostly, the stories within the game feel less about the war itself and more about the heroes fighting in it. They tell the stories of love. Love for fellow human beings. For brothers. Friends. All fighting to endure. To come home. You can find the first title, Valiant Hearts: The Great War on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home can be found in the Google Play Store exclusively for Netflix subscribers.