Twitter for Android now allows you to ditch 'For You' tab

AH Twitter Android tabs image 1

Twitter for Android can now ditch the ‘For You’ tab entirely, if you want. In other words, the app will now default to the last tab preference you were using. So, if you prefer to use the ‘Following’ tab, you’ll be able to do this at all times. This change first came to the web client.

Twitter for Android makes it easier to completely ignore ‘For You’ tab

This was actually the case before as well, before the two tabs were obvious choices at the top of your timeline. Then the change came, and the app defaulted to the ‘For You’ tab every time the app got closed.

Needless to say, many users were not exactly happy with the change, so Elon Musk quickly announced the change. We had to wait a short while, but the option is finally here.

Simply choose the tab you want, and use it. Every time you return to the app, it will default to that tab, you don’t have to go to settings and change anything. Even if the app gets closed in the meantime, it won’t matter.


The ‘For You’ tab will still be creeping at the top, but that’s just about it

The ‘For You’ tab will still be at the top of your timeline, creeping, but you won’t have to use it if you don’t want to. It’s a personal preference, really. Twitter did do a good job by moving these two options to the top of the timeline, though. Many users didn’t even know that the ‘Following’ tab was an option, as it was hidden behind a star icon for a long time.

The whole idea of this UI reshuffling is to allow you to create your own lists, and put them up there. You’ll not only be able to jump between them really fast, but you’ll also be able to default to whichever one you want.

Twitter also announced that it will allow us to move those lists around. So, the ‘For You’ tab won’t have to be the first on the list. Well, presuming that we’ll be able to move all the lists, of course.

The company did note that you’ll need to update to the last version of the app in order for this defaulting option to become active.