Creators on the Twitter Blue subscription will soon get ad revenue

Twitter Blue poster

Finally, content creators that are on a Twitter Blue subscription plan can get ad revenue from the social media platform. This announcement came from Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, a few days ago. Twitter will now be joining other social media platforms to pay creators a percentage of ad revenue.

Currently, there are lots of creators actively using Twitter to promote content and keep in touch with their followers. Now, these creators can earn some money for the efforts they put into promoting their various crafts through Twitter. But there are some factors that content creators on Twitter need to take into account before jumping for joy.

To earn ad revenue from Twitter, creators need to be active Blue subscribers

The first requirement for creators wanting to earn from Twitter is for them to pay for the Blue subscription. This is clear from Elon Musk’s tweet regarding the launch of this new ad revenue plan for creators. So creators who aren’t Blue subscribers and want to earn from Twitter should consider paying the subscription fee.

To subscribe, creators should head to the “monetization” settings and tap on the subscription button. This will take them to an application page where they can subscribe to Twitter Blue and start earning. For now, this page might be unavailable for some users, if this is the case with you, check back later to see if you can join the application program.


Many might ask how Twitter intends to pay content creators and how much. Well, the social media giant will use revenue from the ads in the creator’s reply thread to pay them. There is no information regarding how Twitter intends to share the revenue with creators.

Ever since this announcement by Elon Musk, some creators have been moved to become Twitter Blue subscribers. In the coming weeks, more information regarding the payment of ad revenue to creators will become available. For now, if you wish to get paid ad revenue by Twitter, head over to your account and pay for the Twitter Blue subscription.