Tile Anti-Theft mode for its trackers aims to protect user's properties

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Tile trackers are getting an Anti-Theft mode via an over-the-air app update. The new feature has already begun rolling out to the public and it aims to curb certain misuse. Most Tile tracker users would find this new feature interesting as it helps to reduce theft.

Tile has been able to notice a surge in the misuse of their portable trackers by bad actors. Previously, when thieves make away with a Tile user’s belongings, they use the Scan and Secure feature on the app to locate any tracker placed on the items. This feature would locate all trackers around the bad actor, enabling them to discard the user’s tracker, hence making it impossible to track the stolen item.

After taking note of this issue, Tile has stepped into the playing field to secure user properties. With the roll-out of this new Anti-Theft feature, users can better protect their items from thieves. If you are a Tile user or considering getting a new Tile tracker, here is what you need to know regarding this feature.

Keep your property safe with the new Tile Anti-Theft mode

The new Anti-Theft feature makes your tracker invisible to others around. With this new feature activated, the user’s Tile tracker will not be identifiable by the Scan and Secure feature. Only the owner of the Tile tracker will be able to scan and detect their tracker.


So, in a situation where the user’s property with a Tile tracker attached gets stolen, the thief won’t be able to locate the tracker. This will prevent them from disposing of the tracker, in turn giving the user live updates on the location of their stolen item. Tracking the item to retrieve it would then be easy and stress-free for the Tile user.

To enable the new Tile Anti-Theft mode, users would need to update or download the Tile app. The update comes with a new set of terms and conditions of use to which users need to agree. After agreeing to these terms and conditions of use, then there would be a three-stage ID verification.

This verification process would include a front-to-back ID comparison, a selfie-to-ID comparison, and a liveness check. After passing all three verification processes, a user would then be able to activate the Anti-Theft mode. This would then make their Tile tracking device invisible to others using the Scan and Secure feature.

But you might wonder why Tile would require its users’ government-issued ID to grant them access to this new feature. Well, this requirement is to help put a tab on those who misuse the tracker for sketchy purposes. For instance, those intending to misuse this Anti-Theft feature and trail unsuspecting individuals.


Bad actors might want to take advantage of this new feature since it makes the Tile trackers invincible to others. But with their government-issued ID uploaded to Tile’s system, it would be easy for authorities to find such individuals. Delinquent misuse of this feature would attract a fine of $1 million.